How are you all? I had a bit of a fight through (Topic from Anne)

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Anne Hopman 8 maanden geleden geplaatst
Hi everybody!

How are you all? Im okay... I actually had a hard time lately. A bit of a fight trough.
 Yesterday kind of a miracle happened. It' was a small one but I was so proud afterwards. The main reason why I felt so bad 
were the hormones. Basicly I go up two weeks and down for two weeks Being an emotional monster.(any women suffering with the same symtoms?? :))  So yesterday I had a lot of resistence knowing that I needed to do my sadhana. The extra long one. When I practise the stretch pose often a lot of emotion comes out of me, but yesterday it felt like a higher force pulled out all the blocks... When I finished the sadhana a bit later, 
I felt like I was a different person then before. I see the light again, or better I feel light again. For me it was al big little miracle, that makes me  feel really proud. 

And Im going to do a meditation workshop for a Company with a young team. Im very excited to do it. 
Tips or suggestions are very welcome. The main thing that Im worring about is how much of the Kundalini can I put in without scaring everybody away. Oh when writing this, the answer all ready came im to me :)... Be fearless and courages :)..
Still.. Tips or suggestions are very welcome. 

Sat nam!
Kylian Minken 8 maanden geleden geplaatst
hey everybody! I am also curious how everybody is doing?? for me, this course is really helpfull because of the steady basic treatment. I got some pretty hardcore cases as my first clients.
At first, i wanted to send them to a more experienced coach but then I thought of what Jasper sad: everyone comes on your path for a reason, you are the one that needs to help them. so that what I did and it is such a good learning experience!! I give treatment for a 100 euros a month for yoga and coaching sessions. and if people don't have the money or don't want to pay I ask them what they do for a living and then we can exchange information ore objects.This is going very well I could already give six people treatments! I am enjoying the yoga and coaching sooo much and I will do this for the long run! 
a tip for Anne: what worked for me the first lessons is to kill the skeptical perspective on yoga. I give them 2 exercises more than the basic treatment and I always close with the iceman breathing techniek(fast inhale chill exhale 30 times). cannot for the next lesson!
Lisette Stam 8 maanden geleden geplaatst
This is a thread in the general community and therefor accesible for everyone who is a member. If you wish only to communicate with your fellow course members please go to the enclosed group section. 

Also it is more convenient to start a new thread on the board. I changed it for you.
If you would like me to delete this from the general community please let me know!
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