Two years ago we met at the Kundalini Yoga festival in France.
I immediately connected with this man. The lineage of the ten Gurus of the Sikh tradition.
He is incredibly skilled. He can kill you within a second and you wouldn’t even had noticed.
At the same time he is full of humor and wit, easy to approach and children love him.
And now I have the privilege of hosting him for two days in the Netherlands to do Martial arts and yoga in the lineage of the sixth Guru: Guru Hargobinde

Who am I talking about? 
I am talking about Gurdev Ningh Singh. The last remaining grandmaster of the ancient Indian martial art Sanatan Shastar Vidiya which combines self-defense and battlefield tactics with yogic techniques and meditation.
Him coming to the Netherlands is not only a huge honour but also a rare opportunity to be taught this unique martial art form.
We have only 30 spaces. I wish and intent for the right people to join this experience.

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