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Anne Hopman 9 maanden geleden geplaatst
Hello everybody...
How are the first days of your commitment doing?
For me it was actually pretty hard to het used to the daily routine again. I felt soooooo tired.
Today, on wednesday, i had a little of my energie back....
I actually started this topic to get the forum started. I hope to hear from you all.....

Love Anne
Lisette Stam 9 maanden geleden geplaatst
Hoi Anne, 
Dit is het openbare gedeelte van de community. En dit is specifiek het board voor leden om zich voor te stellen. Deze boards worden de komende weken nog ingevuld voor de officiële lancering volgende maand.

Er is een besloten groep voor iedereen van de training mocht je dat fijner vinden. Heb je die al gezien? Die vind je hier: 
Groetjes Lisette

P.S. Ik heb dit topic verplaatst naar het board ervaringen.
Petr Béranek 9 maanden geleden geplaatst
Sat nam, hi everyone,

funny think happend on my way back to Czech rep yesterday evening.

I met cute young women which is chef of Czech Erasmus student organisation, we talked a lot about meditation as she does it already 2-3 years.

I motivated her to take a class of kundalini today in Prague. Which she did today. 

Thank you all for sharing so much energy during the first block of our training, the radiance of all of us hepls those things to happend. :)

The point is, I have intake session with her at the end of the March.

I am looking forward to more sharings from all of you, I have already two more to share from my site ...

...lets digest few more days :)

Yvonne Vruggink 9 maanden geleden geplaatst
Hello Anne,

It also took me some time to find my flow energy in a more alive and kickin stream :-) 
I did the sadhanas and worked  a bit behind the computer screen and that was fine.

I posted a fb invitation to ask for intakes. I will start in a couple of weeks with the intakes and started a try out with a friend. I feel that I would love to start the intake session with a breathing excercise. It makes me a bit nervous and at the same time it feels good to can do something with people so they find more and more connection to themself, their heart and soul and so with the world around.

I made a schedule for daily practises to see the success on paper :-) Like a sticker form for children where you can sticker or colour the things you did. So after a day I can see what (the hell) I did. 
I really thougt about....that every step should be a step towards happiness. So the questions from Jasper dive deeper and deeper. Shared them with some friends to. Lets create more consciousness and gratitude.

I made a list of my talents as a coach and the things where I see I have to develop. I practise these during the sessions and I will ask the invitees for feedback after the session. I still have the feel I have a lot to learn escpecially with working through blocks so I look forward to the second week KYC.

If you would like to know, post or email me on

Lots of Love! <3 
Kiki Portman 8 maanden geleden geplaatst
Hi all! I made a new topic in our group today to share our experiences. See Lisette's message above. And Lisette, maybe you can correct the word Successes for me, there is an 's' missing, but I cannot change it. Have a good weekend!
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